True Story Behind Eddie Quansa

Have you seen Eddie Quansa? Your eyebrows are raised. True Story Behind Eddie Quansa 

You are pondering who the hell the person is. You’re pondering on the off chance thatifon the off chance thatin the event thatin case I am talking almost a motion picture or TV appear. True Story Behind Eddie Quansa

Relax, snatch your popcorn and let’s go on a journey. Once upon a time, life in Nigeria utilized to be basic and fun. In Owerri, a town in eastern Nigeria, there lived a youthful man called John Obikwe. John Obikwe was a good humored individual who adored partying and having fun. He utilized to visit all the fun spots and joints within the city. John Obikwe was tall, dull in complexion and exceptionally nice looking with thick hair. All the young ladies needed him. He utilized to play the guitar and he expertly culled the heartstrings of numerous youthful women. John Obikwe had three brothers. He was the most youthful of them all. The Nigerian gracious war started within the late 60s and life in Owerri was on the most reduced recede so John Obikwe and his brothers lived a moo keyed life, stowing away numerous times to maintain a strategic distance from powerful enrollment by the Biafran armed force. The brutal respectful war finished in 1970 leaving

The tune was an offer to Eddie Quansa to return home. Eddie Quansa listened the record but denied to return back domestic. He indeed played the tune amid his shows. It was not long after at that point that the Modern Disguise appear came on Nigerian Television. Do you keep in mind the show arrangement featuring Chief Zebrudaya, Ovularia, Gringory, Jegede among others? The makers chosen to utilize Eddie Quansa track as their signature tune. The melody got to be exceptionally prevalent all through Nigeria since of the show. Yet Eddie Quansa denied to return home. Have you seen Eddie Quansa? Some individuals say he is dead and is buried in Accra. A few say he is still lively but is living in a mystery area in India. A few say his apparition meanders Owerri at night. They say in the event that you step out of your house at midnight in Owerri and sing these lines, “Eddie Quansa bia o bia”, the apparition of Eddie Quansa will show up before you. The apparition will take the shape of a good looking youthful man with a long facial hair.

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The apparition will shout “Mba! I am

not coming back!” It will suddenly frown at you baring its teeth and then vanish!

If you are in Owerri do this tonight and get back to us.

Have you seen Eddie Quansa?


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