Stop Lending Money To Buhari

World Bank,IMF-Stop lending money to Buhari’.

World Bank, International Monetary Fund. Reno suggested stopping loaning money to Buhari. Stop Lending Money To Buhari

‘Omokri,’ a former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan. He has urged the International money and World Bank to prevent lending money to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Reno during a tweet via his official Twitter account created this known, . Stating that the money given to the Nigerian Government is getting used to fill their capacities.

According to him, “if you lend to them when today, you’re not lending to Nigeria.”Dear World Bank & IMF Stop giving President Muhammadu Buhari clique money.

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“Note, if you lend to them after today, you are not loaning to Nigeria. you’re lending to them in their capacities”.

“The future generations would get to be those paying for Buhari’s debt,” he said.

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