Dj Mostad- ‘Chukwu o Chukwu’

One of the followers of the dread movement, the dreadlock King is back with his dedication to God. Dj Mostad- ‘Chukwu o Chukwu’

This reggae tune titled CHUKWU OH CHUKWU is indeed one of the best song of our time. Dj Mostad- ‘Chukwu o Chukwu’

Mostard is an all round entertainer: a song writer, instrumentalist, vocalist, disc jorckey (DJ) and more gifts at finger tip.

Chukwu” mean God in the Igbo language. The reputation of the word is an effect to the message and praise to the Supreme being.

With his super and finely complied lyrics. That is capable of keeping every reasonable person’s meditating.

CHUKWU is a reality song produced in Jamaica by Sandy Yee, performed by DJ MOSTAD (the eastern best reggae artist a.k.a EZENWOKE 1OF AFRICA).

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