Nigeria Youths And 2020 Protest.

The first of a kind in the history of the country. The youths of if this great country, for the first time, took to the street for ill-treatment. Nigeria Youths And 2020 Protest.

It all started as an “End Sars” protest. Nigeria Youths And 2020 Protest

Our people should not think that Europe, America, Asia, or other parts of the world will help us. Just like the adage says “all man must take his cross”.

Thus; the point is because we all started this leaderless protest. But that some persons are abusing it, going negative ways. We have the right to protest what we dislike about our government. But we have no right to destroy what we have together nor take a LIFE we can not GIVE. One who wants to destroy another man’s property should go home and start with his television if he has one.

On social media are some videos, security officers killing her citizens. It’s wrong, I must say. Killing your citizen won’t make you a King.

Killing and destruction of the property won’t solve any problem.

Quitting our businesses and jobs for the day is not a time to waste. Time is precious the saying. Just for a course, for a good course. Coming out in full with postcards and the media outlet is better to voice out. And not acting uncivilized.

At the start, it’s cool when civilized individuals are on the roads. Then miscreants opt-in, start destroying things. Setting banks, stores, and property on destruction, its a bad idea. Are those things destroyed help to solve a problem?

Some uneducated and angry citizens end up to do destruction. Now let us touch on the experience of the genocide called the Nigerian -Biafran war.

Again, I repeat that the first world has challenges too. These people have their problems to look into. Just like you may not have the interest to help someone because you have your problems and engagements to look into or get solved. That does not mean, you can’t still help, BUT. I think as we count, we do not forget counting our head.

On this fact, it is and should be in our heart that if they show any interest if any. I mean the first world countries. They will have something to GAIN. They must have an INTEREST.

However, we must learn from the past and from what is happening today..

Now, let us look down below and do some personal search.

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“Those powers to be examined include France, United States of America, Portugal, China, and Israel”.

Written by Ngwu Onyema. (DJ Lawmann)

Source : inspire.

Exploring the Roles Played by Some European and Asiatic Powers during the
Nigerian Civil War, 1967 – 1970
Dr. Joseph Olukayode Akinbi
Department of History
Adeyemi Federal University of Education
Ondo, Ondo State


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