Nigerians Parade For President Trump 2020

An outstanding honour!’: Trump tweets video of parade assisting him in Nigeria. Nigerians Parade For President Trumps 2020

‘A top-notch honour!’: Trump tweets video of parade assisting him in Nigeria
through Steven Nelson. Nigerians Parade For President Trumps 2020

President Trump on Tuesday tweeted an Election Day message of gratitude for a parade of supporters who waved Trump 2020 symptoms — in Nigeria.

“A parade for me in Nigeria, a brilliant honour!” Trump tweeted.

The video seems to be from an Oct. 25 prayer march in the Japanese Nigerian city of Onitsha, led using the Rev. Daddy Hezekiah, founding father of the living Christ venture Inc.

Trump tweeted the video as he urged the black electorate to lower back him as opposed to Democrat Joe Biden.

“no one’s performed what I’ve accomplished in terms of the African American network. and they see it. and they’re tired of being utilized by the Democrats for one hundred years,” Trump advised journalists Tuesday afternoon at his marketing campaign headquarters in northern Virginia.

There are believed to be approximately three hundred Nigerian-born individuals.
A Pew poll last 12 months discovered 58 per cent of Nigerians had self-assurance in Trump doing the proper issue in international affairs.

Moments after tweeting the clip from Nigeria, Trump retweeted pictures of five horse-drawn Amish buggies brandishing Trump flags.

The era-averse religious network historically hasn’t voted in massive numbers, however, Republicans are positive they’ll flip out this year, especially inside the swing state of Pennsylvania, in which about eighty,000 of them live.

The Amish photos had the rap tune “Trump Is Your President” via Bryson grey playing over it.


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