Okorocha – Time For Igbo President.

2023: It is time for Igbo to produce president — Okorocha. Okorocha – Time For Igbo President.

The Congressperson speaking to Imo West senatorial locale and previous legislative head of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha. Okorocha – Time For Igbo President.

Yesterday, he said that now is the ideal opportunity for a Nigerian leader of Igbo extraction to arise.

Okorocha talked in Owerri, when a gathering called Igbos for Rochas 2023 President, driven by Jeff Nwaoha, from the five conditions of the Southeast zone, visited him.

Okorocha said that all areas have delivered a president and it’s just the Southeast locale that is yet to involve the main position.

It was Okorocha accept that the Igbo would do another thing in Nigeria. Should they be allowed just to make Nigeria more prominent? This is to contend monetarily with other created countries of the world.

The Congressperson stated: “I am cheerful because you discover me commendable. I am glad since you have made enormous penances passing through the significant distance to meet with me on Nigeria’s administration. I have perused in the middle of the lines of your accommodation. That you need a Nigerian leader of Igbo extraction and you have discovered me commendable for this position. I feel regarded and I am cheerful.

“Let me salute you in the way which you have acted in a more quiet methodology and this is honorable.

The facts confirm that Igbo are profoundly misconstrued yet permit me to state that Igbo are the quietest Nigerians. And any place you discover them they are building scaffolds of harmony and financial turn of events.

The Igbos are the main individuals that have contributed more outside than what they had put resources into their property.”

He added: “Igbo individuals alone can’t make the leader of Nigeria. We need the help of different areas of this nation to deliver the leader of Nigeria. We need the Hausa, Yoruba, and different areas to have the option to deliver the administration.

As far as I might be concerned, I have pursued this position of the administration utilizing diverse ideological groups and up to multiple times now. I have pursued the position of the administration under the ANPP, and the second time under PDP, the third time in APC, and now If I should run it are for the solidarity of Nigeria.

On the off chance that I should run, it must be for the strengthening of the adolescents of Nigeria, and on the off chance that I should run for the administration, it will be to cause this country to contend with other incredible countries of the world monetarily.”

Okorocha called attention to that, “The North has created a president. The West has delivered the president and the South-south has likewise delivered a leader of this nation and we have seen all they have done. It is the ideal opportunity for Igbo to create a president and let us perceive how the Igbo will change this nation.”

Source – Vanguard

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